Travel the world with oral stories - a passport to adventure.  Journey into your imagination with personal narrative, folk tales, fairytales, myths and legends.


Exciting programs for adults, children and families.




Stories for Grown-ups

Programs for adults include the following:

Sweet and Sour; stories that flavor our lives

Tales of an Ordinary Life.

Through Thick and Thin; tales of triendship and falling out.

Sweet Porridge; stories to sweeten the winter blues.

Reaching for the High Notes;

Stories for all Seasons; Valentines, St. Patricks Day, Halloween for Grownups.


Workshops; Oral storytelling and presentation skills.  Finding the bones of your story to make it flow.

Personal stories. Work related stories.


Adventure, fun, cirriculum focused, special event. Programs and Workshops to suit any occasion.

Stories for young folk


School programs: assemblies, residencies and workshops.

Program examples : "Tales of Peace and Justice". "Working Together, Creating Community".    "Standing up for me, standing up for you".

 The World; diversity celebrated with spoken stories

                                                                                         Workshops examples: Story bones; Finding bones, Collecting bones, Connecting  bones. G K-5.    Character based plot, G 3-5

Body narrative; let your body speak. G 3 +.  Making traditional tales your own.K- 5+.   Presenting to an audience, with polish. How to make it fun. G3+


Library: Summer Reading Programs,  Holiday Stories, Specific focus stories and workshops.

 Program examples  "Birds of a Feather." "Animal Safari", "Tricky Tricksters"  " Three Wishes." "Cinderella Tales."