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Travel the world with oral stories - a passport to adventure.  Journey into your imagination with personal narrative, folk tales, fairy-tales, myths and legends.
Exciting programs for adults, seniors and families.


Stories for Grown-ups

Programs for adults include the following:

  • Sweet and Sour; stories that flavor our lives

  • Tales of an Ordinary Life. yep, real life stories

  • Through Thick and Thin; tales of friendship and falling out.

  • Sweet Porridge; stories to sweeten the winter blues.

  • Reaching for the High Notes; a butterfly has wings of gold, a firefly wings of flame, a little flea has none at all, but he gets there just the same

  • A Dames Destiny

  • Truth, Lies and Porky Pies

  • Stories for all Seasons; Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween for Grownups.

  • Stories for all occasions



  • Would you like to work on:
  • Oral storytelling and presentation skills?  Finding the bones of your story to make it flow?
  • Tell personal stories. Work related stories?

  • Contact me and tell me what you need.

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