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Compliments & Appreciations

All I can say is "wow!" You have taken yet another great leap in your storytelling skills! Saying that you are an artist is too easy. I'm priviledged to be able to share the times and places and thoughts and spaces that you present to us. Like a good ritual, your stories leave us with a foot in both worlds. Audience member "A Dames Destiny"


What a great evening of storytelling. Thanks for the beautiful told tales and a great weaving together of your stories and styles. Brilliant

Audience member " Through Thick and Thin" 2011 in collaboration with fellow storyteller  Sarah Hauser


Every performance has demonstrated greater creativity and new flights of imaginative thinking. Frankly I hadn't thought much about storytelling as a performance art form until I had the opportunity to see you,, Sarah and Anne perform as Storytellers Three in your Halloween shows. I am a REAL fan now! Audience member , Storytellers Three  "Halloween for Grownups"  2009 -  2013


Ms. Penfound is a seasoned storyteller and her presentations were a hugh success. She brought multiple stories to life in an educational, interactive and fun-filled afternoon. Teacher, West Tualatin,  2014


I wanted to tell you I haven't laughed so hard since the last time I heard a good Garrison Keillor.

Nancy Sorbets, 2017 Tall Tales, Short Tles and Pork


Riveting, sharp and fun!  Audience member 2017


Your performance last night was so spot on there arn't enough superlatives to let you know how truly wonderful it was. Audience member " The Art of Story Festival" 2013


The children LOVED "Three Billy Goats Gruff" I took out my few versions and they ask to read them all the time. Thank you. Teacher and Owner, 1st Expressions Pre School


Your story was EXCEPTIONAL. I loved the story and marvelled at your timing and delivery. Thanks for a wonderful story. Storyteller, Portland Storytellers Guild


What you do is magical! Friend


Honestly we were more than pleased with your performance, as was our supervisor and principal.Your voice and characters were lively and I was impressed with your ability to keep the audiences attention. Teacher, Portland Public School


Your story was EXCEPTIONAL!!

I loved the story and marveled at your timing and delivery.  Great job Anne. 

I've always enjoyed your stories and it is really fun to watch you continue to grow as a teller.

Your comedic timing is so good and it really showed last night.

Thanks for a wonderful story!!  Audience member


Wonderful performance. Anne I truly love the sound of your voice, your talent in delivering interesting tales and your comical physical humor! BRAVO! Audience member  

Loved Anne's tales: understated + open; loved her English words (diff from ours; loved her emotional presence and facial expressions  Whistling in the Dark 2017

Your stories were wonderful last night you were so in the moment with each of them savoring all the nuances

Audience member 2017


I totally enjoyed Anne's Pie Crimper and Haggis story both wonderfully told.

Tall Tales Short Tales and Porky Pies ( Down right Lies) 2017

I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed your performance! I found your story engaging, funny and a little poignant, with just the right amount of "sauce". Your presentation was unassuming, fluent and sparkly. Just great good fun! So glad we had to opportunity to come down to the Clinton to see you 

"LOVE? "  2019  Audience member, performance at Clinton Street Theater

I know you were talking to the whole audience but I felt as though you were talking just to me. Audience member "LOVE?" Feb, 2019 Clinton Street Theater performance

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