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About Anne

Stories are for everyone: young, elder and in between.                                           Listen, imagine, dream, laugh with delight, tingle with fright.
Let the stories in.
  • Seasonal stories for every occasion 

  • Special events

  • Seniors and retirement facilities

  • Wow! That happened to you? True tales.

  • Folk and Fairy tales

  • Ghost stories

  • Porky pies!! Oh yes lies!

Imagine the scent of spices from the Caribbean, steel bands, dancing calypso. Camping with mosquitos, visiting the Scottish hills alive with Haggis and Loch Ness where nery a monster was seen. Sailing the seven seas, swimming in the British channel and the canals of Venice.



How did I start off my adult career as a Physiotherapist in England, (Physical Therapist in the USA) and end up as a storyteller?

I went to a Celtic evening after moving to Portland, Oregon.

I met a storyteller who sparked a passion for the spoken word and so an ongoing journey began.

Attending workshops

Learning from and listening to professional storytellers, telling stories myself.

Discovering the joy of oral storytelling.




About me: Haggis Hunter extraordinaire, Explorer, Time traveler,   Storyteller, Crone

Experience the power of story; invite me to share stories at your special event.

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